In 2010 I founded the initiative "schülerInnen.gestalten.wandel." together with my wife and equity to let the young people have their say and show that they are great talents who have super ideas.

In the course of this, personnel managers and apprentices asked me how an interesting apprenticeship training or workshops could become a real experience for employees.

The workshops "apprentices.create.change." and "we.create.change." contain an interactive and at the same time a very eventful part and a workshop with me, in which the new insights are deepened.

Among other things, the participants will broaden their awareness, recognize how well they are doing and through insights behind the scenes, they will see what actual effort is behind certain processes that we take for granted.

In the course of these workshops topics such as self-responsibility, the revival of values, social competence, teamwork, empathy, entrepreneurial action or self-initiative.

References on request.