Speaker & Moderator


By definition, moderation is a method of working together in groups, supported by a moderator.

It is about much more!

I will advise you in advance about possible locations, catering, the program, the course of events and the participants.

As moderator I represent you in your function as host.

The right outfit as well as the appropriate type of moderation play an important role.

In addition, it is important to have the right sensitivity during the event in order to be able to respond to the respective topics and the audience.

This is how I contact you during the events with new ideas and feedback and always keep time management in mind.

No matter whether you are planning an event in a school, in a company or in another location, I am at your disposal.

Actually the title "speaker" does not really do justice to this experience.

My appearances are pure motivational fireworks!

Regardless of whether it's about topics such as: "how each of us can be successful", "persistence and consistency", "setting the right priorities" or "from the idea to successful implementation", etc., all participants of the event will be so motivated that they will immediately start with the successful implementation!

This can be done in a large setting such as the "4 Game Changers" or "Fifteen seconds" festivals or at events organized by your company.

You also have the possibility to determine the topics.