The producer replied laughing: "thank you, once again I couldn't see the forest for the trees!"

In these situations we have so much stress that we can't think clearly and solution-oriented.

A view from outside allows us to look at the concrete situation in a completely different way and to find new ways more easily.

In addition, I relieve entrepreneurs as an interim manager and take over projects or individual project parts, for example, in case of capacity bottlenecks.

References on request.

In an exceptional situation, we are often faced with a fait accompli that, at least at first glance, does not offer us a way out.

Many entrepreneurs talk about crisis management, for me it is "opportunity management".

We are used to often only seeing obstacles and problems without asking ourselves what new opportunities might exist.

When I talk to my clients, I give them options that they can easily implement with the available resources.

A small example. An olive oil producer had lost revenues in March 2020 because he sold most of his products to hotels and restaurants that had to close down due to government orders.

"Why don't you contact supermarkets and delicatessens that are currently open?" I asked.