Sometimes misunderstandings or mistakes arise in the early stages without either party being aware of it.

Quite the opposite!

Both sides assume that everything is clear and are already preparing for the conclusion of the contract.

When reading through the draft contract, the contributors even still think that it is the wrong document . . .

In no time at all, anger, rage, disappointment and much more rise up on both sides that the future project is buried and they "throw" accusations or even insults at each other.

Factors such as fatigue, stress or time pressure then act as an accelerant, so that calm, composed and objective action is out of the question.

Such examples exist in too many topics, in large numbers and in different variations.


We have all experienced many things, so that one or the other injury is still deep-seated.

If an event suddenly enters the stage that has similarities with the past without being even remotely intended by the other side, all "guns" and available "arsenals" are immediately activated to eliminate the opponent .... . . . .

Both sides leave the "theatre of war" as clear winners and are completely convinced that they have really shown the other side what they are made of.

But it often turns out that "much ado about nothing" was made and that not only was the excitement completely groundless, but that both parties also missed out on a great legal deal.

With this in mind, I question the whole scenario, take a look behind the scenes and bring both parties together.

As mentioned at the beginning, a win-win.