Furthermore, many people often speak of tolerance, I prefer to speak of respect.

The differences are, for me personally, striking.

While tolerance is equal to acceptance, respect stands for appreciation and attention.

Often misunderstandings arise without being intended and wanted and at the same time have enormous consequences.

My view "from outside" as an outsider, combined with calmness, patience, composure, objectivity and sensitivity leads to your success and to a completely new working atmosphere.

References on request.

There are numerous instruments for resolving an existing conflict.

My aim is to identify potential conflicts at a very early stage so that no disputes arise at all.

In an open discussion, in which listening and sensitivity play the main roles, I find out the point of view of all persons involved in order to find the real causes, which are not clearly visible to the parties involved at first sight.

Clients often talk about compromises or about the fact that it is perfectly clear that compromises have to be made.

This means renouncing something.

It is much more important to be able to put oneself in the position of the other person so that in the end there is a real "win-win" situation for all protagonists.