"... growth?

Like expansion, exports, company acquisitions?  Yes!

For real?  Yes!

Right now?  Yes!

I wouldn't know how to...  I do!

Let's go!"

"second option" was created to show entrepreneurs opportunities, even if they are not clearly visible in the first place.

Regardless of whether they are small, medium-sized enterprises or internationally active corporations.

Due to my life's journey, as well as my professional experience in small family and international companies, I know that perseverance, determination and an outside view are essential.

The existing network allows flat hierarchies and at the same time solutions for several areas, such as Corporate Design, market analysis, strategy development, finding distribution partners and new customers for your products, capital acquisition, company foundations & acquisitions, etc.


1) Exports

A food manufacturer and a producer of aluminium windows and doors decide to export their products.
At this time, the companies had no experience in selling their products in other countries.
First, a strategy for the right markets and distribution channels is developed, based on the annual production volume, production costs, quality, sales price and many other parameters.
In the course of this, for example: the existing website was optimized, a new web shop was set up, the sales prices including transport were recalculated, a presentation was created, a completely new and modern exhibition stand was developed to enable the visit of trade fairs, etc.
Finally, the right contacts to the right customers were established for both clients and the delivery was accompanied.

2) Generation change & search for investors

A businessman wants to transfer his business to his son. In the course of this process I accompanied and advised father and son. In further consequence the new managing director was  supported and relieved in the development of the new strategy, acquisition of additional personnel, spatial reorganisation, renewal of the vehicle fleet, new corporate identity, creation of new legal and fiscal structures, development of new customers.

A company wants to build a shopping centre with a cinema abroad and is looking for the right property and an investor. I advise the management in the preparation of the presentation, coordinate with partner lawyers and tax advisors on the general conditions, present this project to potential investors in various countries and accompany the client in the negotiations.

3) Company acquisition & mediation

An entrepreneur is made an offer to take a 25% stake in an Australian company. After my client wants to concentrate on his core business, he asks me to conduct a due diligence and obtain information about the company.

An Austrian company is building a large photovoltaic plant abroad. The promised subsidies are not paid out. The managing partner asks me to mediate with the authorities and to take legal action together with the partner lawyers.

4) Development of a franchise system

A company wants to expand to Germany with the help of a franchise system. I am commissioned to find potential franchise partners, to find out which subsidies are available in all German states and to find suitable real estate and personnel for the business premises. In coordination with law firms and tax advisors, the framework conditions for setting up a business in Germany were also created, taking into account the existing business in Austria.

References on request.