About me

My childhood was a copy of the movie "My big fat Greek wedding". So we spoke Greek at home and every Saturday afternoon, I had to go to a Greek conversation course, just like in the movie.

During this time I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia with severe difficulties in concentration, reading, learning and recording. In addition, I was afraid of exams, so that everything I learned suddenly disappeared into thin air. Thus my entire school time became a pure running the gauntlet and an incredible challenge.
The headmistress of the elementary school did not want to accept me and put my parents off until the next year. At that time I liked the third grade of grammar school so much that I took the class again.

In addition, I kept my parents busy with numerous illnesses and operations. At that time I really didn't miss anything. . . . My poor parents!

During my entire legal studies, I was accompanied by dyslexia as well as my lack of concentration and exam nerves, so that I had to do some extra laps, just like during my school days. While my colleagues were already enjoying their free time or holidays, I was still sitting in the libraries or reading rooms and studying.

After working in a law firm in the morning (and in the restaurant business on many weekends), I basically had to catch up on a certain amount of backlog.

I financed my participation in the "Yale-Law-Summer School", as well as many other things, through various jobs.


Despite all the challenges, I completed my law studies (Mag. iur.) and later, parallel to my work in an internationally operating company, I completed a postgraduate course in business administration (MBA) in English.

An earthquake relief operation and an "OSCE" post-Balkan war mission in the former Yugoslavia, in winter, without heating or hot water, helped me to learn a few things for life.

In 2009, after I became self-employed, I organized a private party to thank my family, friends, business partners and clients for the first year of business. In the course of this event, I was able to collect a sum of € 23,300 for a homeless organisation.

In 2010, I founded the initiative "pupils.create.change." together with my wife and with equity, in which more than 200 people and companies now participate. The aim is to focus on young talents, give them a voice and be valued as equal partners.