Consultation & Implementation

in and for the acquisition of new customers, distributors or investors, in setting up franchise systems, for "joint ventures", for tenders, in setting up companies and much more, in numerous countries.



Are you wondering right now how this picture relates to profit?

Wouldn't it be better to have a picture of a euro sign, a dollar sign or Scrooge McDuck jumping in his swimming pool full of coins instead?

Well, this is much more about that profit that automatically occurs when both (contracting) parties are happy and conclude a legal transaction that brings both sides further.


Speaker & Moderator

Experience an incredible and an unforgettable motivational firework!

For any type of event in the company, at school, at trade fairs, at congresses or at "festivals".


Young talents

In 2010, the initiative pupils.create.change.
was founded to put the young talents in the centre of attention.
Only together with them, as equal partners, we are able to solve our challenges and break new ground!

This initiative is additional and completely independent of "second option".

Why is pupils.create.change. still mentioned here?
On the one hand, to emphasise the importance of bringing young talents before the curtain and involving them.
On the other hand, to invite you to participate and gain new insights.


About me

My life path was anything but straight. Solution-oriented thinking was the only way out.